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Afghanistan is a country which has experienced years of War, Immigration, Violence, Poverty, Illiteracy, Unemployment and all these difficulties were causes of quarrels or conflicts in the past.

Fortunately, all bad decades of war were the sweetest night and forgot it. Again girls could go to schools and thousands of girls enrolled their names to all over Afghanistan schools, again the anthem of Afghanistan gave fondling or caress, Mothers could embrace or hug their children after a long time. New generation were optimist of new independence and every one returned back and took part and stood on their feet in reconstruction of a new Afghanistan. Not ruining it. And dear responsible investors came back with their all capital or money to take part and provide the way of improving of Industries, Reconstruction, and Economical development, Farmers planted to dissimulate their dear Afghanistan.

But unfortunately, this dream was very short like other dreams. Because of opposition groups of this country came again and tried a lot to stop girls from going to schools or universities by committing suicide bomb attach or some anti-Islamic action which completely impeded from Islam religion and made people to be disappointed and again new generation left Afghanistan through neighboring countries or foreign countries. Enemies of this country replace ruining instead of reconstruction escaping of investors from country, weakness of industries, planting opium instead of fruit etc...

Basically, when everything changed no one was optimist of his/her future suicides attach, Kidnaps, Robbing, Assassination and killing like thirty years before.

Peace was the great ambition of every afghan and this dream changed to terrible dream. In the beginning of new changes everyone was saying first security then economic development, but We said economic development that brings security and this was sentence this first sentence of BaMSA and its all staffs.

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