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Our MissionBy closing every company hundreds of workers will be fired and the fired workers will again join to Suicide Attackers, Kidnapers, Robbers, Assassinators Killers Groups but by expanding Companies, Agriculture, Business etc… hundreds of Suicide Attackers, Kidnapers, Robbers, Killers will join to those who make this poor country and make us to think deeply about development of economic and against obstacles which causes less development of economic and this is the economic which can we solve obstacles and pave the way for promotion and expanding country economical affairs.

To achieve all these above objectives was necessary to establish a Professional, Capable, Responsible and young organ and this time happened at same time when the first Business Development Services Provider established in Herat province under name of Business and Marketing Services Agency of Afghanistan (BaMSA).

On the 20th of October 2006 started its activity and took its activity under license number of DO3-36 from Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) and in 1th of December formerly, inaugurated in a great celebration by participated of hundreds of government characters or personal economical investors etc...

The company from the initial stage put its infrastructure base on perpetual and to achieve long term objectives or credits and always tried to design its activities that if it couldn’t run itself from the Aids and cooperative and donors organizations it itself stretch out to its innovation and creativity and providing services and be able to continue its word affairs base on long term objectives.

BaMSA which is the first Business Development Services Provider in Herat province and all western region of Afghanistan is the only innovative company and created new economical programs all over Afghanistan and it is its prosperity that always could dominate on and consider on existed difficulties against Afghanistan newly economic promotion and could started effective and useful programs and in this case could pave economical promotion and development affairs better and better from before.

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