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Our VisionBaMSA by organizing a complete chain from different Jobs & Services affairs will endeavor to solve the challenges which are against economic development and recognizing one by one and find out the solution by using from sophisticated staffs of this Company in the country.

So that new generation should not suffer any more from unemployment and in order to find a loaf of bread should not immigrate to neighboring and other countries. And there should not be any impact from planting and processing drug in the country..

Afghan Investors by investing in the country will provide enough job opportunities for the new generation and will play the significant part of reconstruction affairs extension in the country.

Afghan talented and prepared generation will go further regarding Scientific, Technical, Capacity and Capability in order to work here in Afghanistan and also be ready to work overseas of the country.

We strongly do believe by extension of BaMSA activities to all over Afghanistan, many difficulties will be solved which are against people in the country and BaMSA will be able to help Afghanistan and if need it will present and will have great cooperation with others countries.

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