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One of another issue which is very important and has role in extension and development of economical sectors, organizing economical is creation of associations for relevant sectors, that fortunately in this case BaMSA could do very significant jobs in Herat and all western region.

BaMSA experiences in associations services department:

1.     Creation of 15 associations in Herat province (Wool Weavers Association, Livestock owners association,  Shoe makers association, Carpet Weavers Association)

2.     Creation of 5 Associations in Ghour Province.

3.     Cooperation in creation of 10 Association in Badghis.

4.     Cooperation in creation of 10 Association in Farah.

Notice: implementing of Roundtable, Providing of Bi-law, Implementing of Election and work for capacity building of directory board of each association was include of BaMSA’s activities in Creation of the mentioned associations.

BaMSA short term objectives:

1.     Organizing ground for extension and development of different sectors through association

2.     Organizing relationship among province associations and national federation

3.     Organizing ground for services for economical sectors by association cooperation

4.     Organizing ground for technical and working capacities building of different economical sectors

BaMSA long term objectives:

1.     Organizing ground for development of economical sectors

2.     Organizing ground for a strong relationship among internal and external economical sectors

3.     Expansion of association establishing and by using of provided easiness

Association Services

Assocciation Services

Assocciation Services

Assocciation Services

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