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Capacity Building Department

(Including Short and long term Training, Internship Program, Mentorship Program, and Vocational Training)

Capacity Building Department:

Development different affairs in each country are completely linked or correlated with capacity level of the people in a society.
As well as expansion of economic affairs, economical extension and economical equation in each country with others countries need close and direct relationship by using of modern sciences. And using of modern sciences without skill and enough employee capacity is not possible. 
Capacity building and technical capacity in different companies is one of the most important issues of this office. Fortunately, BaMSA in terms of gaining trust of this program was more successful.

BaMSA capacity building department is include of:

  • Implementing of  short medium and long term training workshops
  • Implementing of  professional training workshops 
  • implementing of internship training workshops
  • implementing of mentorship training workshops
  • implementing of vocational training workshops

BaMSA short term objectives:

  • Labor, technical and work capacity building.
  • Capacity building of private, governmental and non-governmental organization. 
  • Conducting work competition among Afghanistan and others.
  • Conducting activity and employment for labor. 
  • Presenting useful guidance for economic affairs expansion.
  • Development and expansion Investment in Afghanistan

BaMSA long term objectives:

  • Expansion and development management systems in the country.
  • Organs technical capacity building. 
  • Creating an information bank in capacity affairs.
  • Creating job aspects for labor through capacity building. 
  • Creating expansion and improvement aspects for investors, by using of skilled staff.

BaMSA activity in three past years:

  • Implementing of more than 20 short term training workshops in western region such as Proposal writing, Communication, Management, Marketing, leadership, time management and accounting.
  • Implementing of internship program for 140 students of Herat University as long term training workshop.
  • Cooperation in conducting of 6 months Mentor ship program with ACCI.
  • Implementing of different training English language with technical cooperation of faculty of literature teachers of English language department.
  • Implementing of accounting training program (QuickBooks) for 16 industrial companies



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