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Employment Department(Provide job opportunities to unemployed people through well established relation with UN, NGOs and Government Departments.)

Employment department:

Each organ for its running work affairs needs to employ technical and professional staff and seldom an investor can have all professional personal as for before BaMSA, there was not any other source to create register and introduce unemployment people with their capability to the private companies, NGOs, UNs and Government Departments. Majority of private companies are confronted problems of finding capable and necessary staff for their companies.

As for that BaMSA is the first BDS of provide job opportunities to the unemployed people through well established linkages with the above stakeholders on the mentioned purpose.

BaMSA established the first registration center for the unemployment and those who are trying for a better job and BaMSA established and decided to make an employment department. Fortunately, BaMSA succeeded to register hundreds of unemployment people and provided a database for those, whom trying to find a better job.

Also by created a powerful and sequent relationship with governmental, private and non-governmental organs and made ease employment for the both parties and day by day gaining trust of people of this province.

This Company after 3 years activity in the field of employment could gain trust of governmental, Private and Non-Governmental Organizations and now BaMSA employment department as one of the mooted departments increases its trust and ability and hope to present better services and gain more trust and ability day by day.

Registration section:

In this stage BaMSA is the bridge between work force and employee organs, fortunately BaMSA was well active and could provide necessity easiness for both employee and work force organs.

Membership Insurance Services Section:

By using of provided easiness in this working section all BaMSA customers who have enough guarantees will be able to have them in their short and long term work affairs.

BaMSA Short Term Objectives of Employment Section:

1.     Creating relation among employment persons and those who are searching for a better job and work references.

2.     Registration of unemployment persons

3.     Creating necessity easiness for people who returned back from other countries to work references.

4.     Creating necessity easiness of work organs for work force

5.     Creating busyness or engagement and activity for working personal

6.     Providing office documents in order to employ personal for working reference

7.     Providing financial documents in order to employ personal for working references

8.     Providing guaranteeing documents for both work parties

BaMSA Long Term Objectives in Employment Section:

1.  Promotion and weakness of work and busyness evaluation in the country and take advantage from BaMSA administration work affairs and registration system.

2.      Solving and deducing or decreasing finding job all over the country.

3.      Creating busyness or engagement for work force.

4.   Creating and paving the way for promotion and development of working reference by using of employment of professional people or persons.

5.       Helping on management system in employment affairs.

6.       Providing employment documents by consideration financial system and organs and countries affairs

BaMSA employment department background for recently three years:

1.     Creation of ease employment for more than 1200 people

2.     Creation of ease employment for more than 100 of private companies

3.     Creation of ease employment for more than 15 governmental organs

4.     Creation of ease employment for more than 50 internal and external organizations

5.     Creation of ease employment for more than 8 internal banks

6.     Contract between BaMSA and UNICEF- Herat for holding of its ancillary staff.

7.     Starting of membership insurance services with three industry companies in Herat.

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