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Installment Program Department

Installment Program Department:

Creating installment program is another BaMSA innovation that could bring a lot of easiness of buying and selling in terms of installment by considering of people income in the society.Especially governmental staff from 1385 about 80 persons and 2 company starts and now this work section of BaMSA office could gain or approach trust of 700 customers and 12 companies announced their permanent cooperation.

By starting of this work section BaMSA could gain trust of $100,000 American dollars in month and that’s way it causes BaMSA work affairs expansion and trusted reference for the companies.BaMSA decided to expand this program and could create employment aspect for more than 10 persons in Herat and will expand in other provinces of Afghanistan.

Installment program department work section:

1.     Presenting goods loans easiness for government staff.

2.     Presenting goods loans easiness for associations.

3.     Presenting goods loans easiness for private companies.

4.     Presenting goods loans easiness for organizations.

5.     Presenting goods loans easiness for usual or common persons and those who have enough guarantees

BaMSA short term objectives:

1.     Creating necessity easiness in selling rate.

2.     Creating necessity easiness in buying rate.

3.     Expletive of marketing department work chain.

4.     Face to face commercials by using of this program.

5.     Keep persuading by people of the society for buying of internal productions.

6.     Creating and communalize cooperation between people and investors.

BaMSA long term objectives:

1.     Expanding and communalize cooperation in business

2.     Expanding business in all over the country

3.     Creating relationships among business companies

4.     Cooperation  for economical expanding of new associations

5.     By using of new marketing methods

Work done by installment program department in three past years:

1.     Creating buying easiness through installment program for 700 people

2.     Creating installment selling easiness for more than 12 private companies

3.     Creating employment aspect for a lot of men and women

4.     Recognizing productions and importing goods for people and expanding selling through installment program







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