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Logistic Services Overview

Logistic ServicesBaMSA Logistic Company is providing services to UN,NGOS and all active or new establish offices through Herat city, covering a wide range of product supply and logistics solutions, keeping in consideration competitive market challenges and buying products demands. Our services includes as below

  •    Vehicles for renting,
  •    Providing House & Guest House staff quires
  •    Construction,
  •    Operations & Maintenance
  •    Procurement and Life Support Services includes
  •    Including Food Services, Laundry Service and Fuel Supply for machines maintanances

Our target is to unburd our customer in logistic and supply chain management.

Our range of services aims on all facts within the supply chain, which contains organizing physical transportation; maintain information management and developing integral logistic concepts.

BaMSA Logistic Services is part of the BaMSA Group. Where the BaMSA Group is specialized providing business facilities for the afghan commerce companies and our Logistic Services is also operating outside this traditional market of the BaMSA Group.

We currently have various ongoing Construction, Logistics, Operations & Maintenance and Life Support Services projects underway in Herat City. Our success has been largely due to the professionalism of our staff and our ability to mobilize immediately. This has set us apart from the competition.

1: Life Support

Our Life Support Services involved as a direct result of responding in a positive and pro-active manner to our clients' and customers' requirement.

We are fully prepared to assist you with solutions for your daily operational support activities such us (laundry, Carpet washes and so more).

2: Food Services & Beverages Services

BaMSA Logistics Company is a very experienced firm in providing Afghan standard meals to meet the demands of our clients. We assure our personnel and partners are following the laws and guidelines for delivering hygienic, healthy and nutritious food. Through regular training and continuous inspections, our personnel are proactive in uncovering any area of deficiency and taking corrective action immediately. 

3: Operation & Maintenance

The maintenance will be on two different ways. One is routine/ scheduled maintenance which is done on a timely basis. The other from is unscheduled maintenance which is done randomly upon the Client’s request. O&M relies on extensive, intimate long-term vendor relationships with certain key suppliers around the world to provide cost-effective, high-touch and high-quality services to its clients.

Our services in Operations & Maintenance are in following but not limited to

  •    Generator Maintenance Service
  •    Carpentry
  •    Plumbing
  •    Electrical
  •    HVAC Maintenance Service

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