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Marketing Department

(Facilitate linkages among suppliers and demanders to develop market opportunities for local products. The goal behind this is to improve economy rural and urban economy growth)

Marketing department:

Marketing, for extension and development of economic affairs has a specific place and each organ by using of different economical systems tries in order to approach the place where it is appropriate for their economic situation.

Work plans:

  • Establish linkages among supplier and consumers.
  • Introducing new products in domestic and international markets.
  • Provide marketing information through conducting market chain analysis.

BaMSA office perpetual or permanent Stores and exhibitions:

  • Introducing Herat internal products.
  • Creating easiness for sellers and participants from internal productions.
  • Decreasing commercials ship.
  • Creating and paving the way of marketing for internal productions.

BaMSA’s short term objectives for marketing section:

1.     Creating good relationship between manufacturers and consumers.

2.     Initiate necessity easiness of manufactures in the market.

3.     Creating necessity easiness of consumers in Herat Market.

4.     Creating necessary essential cosines for customers to access by using of products in the market.

5.     Creating employment aspects and activity for work personal.

6.     Trying to decrease distance between Government and population through installment selling.

7.     Creating aspect for selling by consideration of people costume.

8.     Creating aspect of trust for the internal productions.

9.     Cooperation to modernize business.

10.   Presenting useful tips for the business expansion.

11.   Presenting awareness about role of marketing in business development and extension.

BaMSA long term objectives in Marketing Section:

1.     Bazaar assessment in order to know expansion or weakness of imports, exports and employment in the country by using of BaMSA work affairs registration systems.

2.     Increasing production capacities from the amount of productions for internal market to expand exports.

3.     Development positive competition in order to stand against some production from neighboring countries- or state.

4.     Solving or decreasing job difficulties and investment in all over the country.

5.     Creating employment aspect for labor through economical extension in the country.

6.     Creating aspects of improvement and extension for investors, by using of new technology.

7.     Helping to management system in production and exports.

Work done by BaMSA Marketing Department during 3 past Years:

1.     Persuading external and guest houses office to use from internal products (Mineral Water, Cola, …)

2.     Creating relationship among Herat/Ghour/Badghis and Farah Provinces Markets.

3.     Creating the first exhibition and store in Herat Province from the owners of industrial productions.

4.     Creative relationship among industrial and countries which are exporting raw materials.

5.     Creating easiness in selling through installment for around 700 persons.

6.     Creating selling easiness though installment for more than 12 private Companies.

7.     Creating employment aspect for a lot of men and women.

Marketing Department

Marketing Department

Marketing Department

Marketing Department

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