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Surveying and Monitoring

Investing and assessment work sections like economical affairs, social, political and cultural without using of provided date by experts’ survey affairs team will confront with challenges and problem.

By considering of the above issues; survey, Monitoring and assessment is one of the important parts of BaMSA work affairs and this by using of sophisticated people tried to play and do a useful role in every section.

BaMSA short term objectives in Monitoring and Evaluation Section:

  •    Implementing survey and need assessments for different organizations.
  •    Implementing survey and assessment of work affairs base on needs.
  •    Checking development programs in order to extend general by using of collected data.
  •    Creating aspects for employment and activity of staff.
  •    Presenting useful tips for business growth.
  •    Presenting awareness about role of survey and assessment of business adolescence and expansion.
  •    Presenting economical consulting by using from collected data.

BaMSA long term objectives in Monitoring and Evaluation section:

  •    Exporting and employment in the country by using of BaMSA job affairs registration system.
  •    Increasing work capacities by using of collected data.
  •    Solving or decreasing of employment difficulties and investment in all over the country.
  •    Creating aspects for expansion and improvement for investors, by using from new technology.

Work done by Survey, Monitoring & assessment department in three past years:

  •    Implemented more than 8 infrastructures surveys for Agriculture, irrigation and livestock department of Herat    province.  Funded by Agriculture Department.
  •    Providing list of unemployment people with their work qualification.
  •    Providing a complete list of construction companies, business services, construction, Transit and transportation to relevant foundations. USAID/ASMED
  •    Implemented mushroom project survey in Heart market USAID/DAI/ASMED.
  •    Implemented survey project from business services providers companies. Funded by USAID/ASMED


Surveying and Monitoring

Surveying and Monitoring

Surveying and Monitoring

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