Business and Marketing Services Agency Of Afghanistan

Job Details

Position: Production
Vacancy No: 25
Functional Area: General
Duration: 30th-Sep-
Contract Type: short
Number of position: 1
Salary: As
Date Announced: 09/06/2014
Closing Date: 15/06/2014
Location of Job:
Job Summary: Assist farmers in planning and monitoring agricultural activities, such as agriculture input management and diagnosing and treating problems (e.g. nutrient disorders in plants; weed and plant disease management). Train and supports farmer leaders in sustainable and appropriate methods to improve agricultural extension systems. Provide technical support to assistant agronomist. Replicate trainings, workshops, capacity building for assistant agronomists. Provide administration support to assistant agronomists. Receives/ conducts field visit from assistant agronomists consistent implementation of project. Organizes and animates field days and on-farm trainings /Production-and-Extension-Field-Officer-(Female)page
Duties & Responsibilities:

Desired Candidate's Profile

Experience: one
Nationality: Afghan
Gender: female
Qualifications: Being Afghan with University degree in agriculture, field activities and have experience regarding extension activities - See more at

Submission Guideline


refer to bamsa organizeation